Art Classes and Paintings Inspired by Nature


Marilee Krause offers abstract landscape paintings in watercolor and pastel, teaches innovative art classes for all ages and abilities, and offers workshops that reveal her unique, well-honed creative process.

A Quiet Path

Marilee Krause became an avid landscape painter while living above open space in Goleta. For five years her view encompassed the wide sky and horizon line; every day she sketched and painted along the paths of More Mesa, California.

Formal art instruction began locally in 1986, and she studied and painted with pastel artist Glenna Hartmann starting in 2001. Combining technical skills with her nuanced observations of nature, Marilee also studies abstract art to inform her process.

Marilee is an active member of the Santa Barbara arts community. She has won numerous awards for her work, as well as grants for teaching and further study, including the Colville grant for 2008. She has worked with children for 30 years and loves teaching art to all ages and abilities.